Case Study: Special Event Security

Case Study: Special Event Security

The Client: In this case study, PRS assisted a well-known Silicon Valley tech company with a large and sensitive internal event recently held in Las Vegas. In fact, PRS supports the corporate security
department and their event management company with two large events each year, establishing a 24 hour Security Operations Center (SOC) to help respond to medical and security emergencies that come up over the many days of the conference.

The Situation: 3,000 staff, senior leadership and a legendary VIP motivational speaker arriving from
all corners of the globe. Sensitive internal knowledge and data being shared over an 8-day period. The event utilizing many large ballrooms and four levels of an immense convention venue. Security is
tasked to ensure the safety of all participants and respond to numerous medical emergencies until
EMT arrive, as well as handle any investigative matters than may arise and protective services coordination for VIP talent. With the event occupying 98 meet rooms and ballrooms full of expensive
audio visual and other technology, it is imperative that security manpower is supplemented by effective CCTV to monitor equipment locations, installations, and removals.

The Solution: PRS partnered with a local security services provider for manpower as we have done for many years with these events. Although PRS already owned an extensive 20 camera mega-pixel
camera kit, we collaborated with UMBO CV Inc. to deploy a state-of-the-art UMBO Smart Dome network of cameras that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Neural AI. Over the 8-day period, the cameras “learned” their areas and instantly identified anomalies for security management to assess.

PRS replaced our Network Video Recorder (NVR) and server hardware with UMBO’s 256 bit encrypted SmartCloud to manage all devices and allow restricted access levels to managers in the field. Simple web browser and phone apps opened an immediate and complete dashboard to manage cameras and view alarms from the AI. Push notifications and video bookmarks supplemented our live patrols, also allowing us instant access to all corridors to ensure security personnel were on-post and actively patrolling their assigned zones.

The Result: The Neural Artificial Intelligence and bookmarks proved extremely useful in managing
security for this large event. In one instance during load-in, a vendor reported a large AV device missing from a specific meeting room. By quickly using the UMBO dashboard and drawing tools to isolate and zoom into that specific zone, security management was quickly able to prove to the vendor’s management that in fact, that piece of equipment was never brought into that meeting room in the first place, and therefore no theft had occurred. Corporate Security was so impressed with UMBO’s SmartCloud solution, that they are now investigating replacement for their global 600+ camera network with UMBO to save on very costly hardware repair and replacement.

“Mike and PRS have provided security services to Autodesk at numerous events. His staff are always well prepared, customer oriented and provides professional service. I have been very pleased at the quality of his work and his people. I look forward to working more with PRS!”

Jeffrey Harp – Former FBI ASAC / Manager, Global Threat Management Program at Autodesk

I’ve worked with Michael on a number of occasions to provide security support in difficult international locations. Michael’s team has provided security services and support to international travelers in many locations within Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Feedback from colleagues in my organization who’ve worked with Michael’s team on the ground has been outstanding. The team’s professionalism, preparedness, punctuality, and local knowledge are referenced frequently. Working with Michael and Premier Risk Solutions has been a very positive experience and I look forward to the next opportunity to do so in the future.

Brian Walsh – EHSS Operations Manager at Juniper Networks

“I’ve known and worked with Michael for over 8 years on multiple, large scale events for Autodesk – both in Las Vegas and in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His attention to detail, professionalism, and calm demeanor in the most stressful of times make working together a pleasure. Michael came on board to assist me on AU Brazil, not only my first event of this size in Brazil, but a first for Autodesk – he worked and partnered with the local teams, as well as with our global Autodesk security team to ensure our employees and attendees where safe. Along with his extensive knowledge of security around large scale events, Michael has a natural ability to build collaborative relationships, lead and manage multiple teams and creatively adapt to the changing circumstances that often impact large events, here and abroad.

A genuine asset to any event and a pleasure to work with!”

Heather MacKenzie – Senior Events Manager at Autodesk

Premier Risk Solutions provides the best in class global protective, consultative and investigative solutions for organizations to adapt to evolving business objectives and allow for scalability and agility. Through partnerships and strategic alliances, PRS offers support in 65 different countries. Our clients consistently tell us that our solutions are a cut above the competition. We foster a collaborative relationship with clients and vendors leading to the most successful service execution for all parties involved. We strive for each and every service no matter how small or large to have the best customer service experience possible. At PRS you will feel you are working with a partner who has your organizational brand and integrity in-mind.

How Does Kindness Fit Into the Security Sector?

How Does Kindness Fit Into the Security Sector?

The title of this blog….how does kindness fit into the security sector? Surprisingly, quite well according to the founders of The Kindness Games! In this week’s editions of our series, “Strong, Safe & True,” we sat down with Tim Wenzel, Lee Oughton, Kelsey Carnell, and Kehkashan Dadwani to talk about the initiative that is bringing joy throughout our industry.

The Kindness Games concept is simple, be kind, and highlight people who are great examples. The goal is to post a video message dedicated to someone who has displayed kindness or influenced a person’s life in a positive way. It’s supposed to be 30 posts in 30 days, but the time frame is loose. This kindness drive is flipping the normal perception of a security professional, i.e. tough, no emotion, no vulnerability. It’s gaining traction and attention, to the point is is now expanding into other industries.

It all started with a post Lee did giving a colleague a shout out. Tim saw the post and thought about how that must have made the person feel and reached out to Lee. They collectively decided to do that every day and brand it. Kelsey and Kehkashan jumped on board and this group has made it happen! Check out the video to hear more and by the way, all are welcome to participate. There is no invitation required, you don’t need to receive a shout-out, just reach out!

PRS loves this concept and our company has always highlighted the importance of kindness and empathy. Check out our hour-long panel discussion centered on the power of empathy. Be sure to continue to check out our website for more videos like the one below!

Get to Know Rich Cinfio

Get to Know Rich Cinfio

We love our people at Premier Risk Solutions. Our entire philosophy of doing business is based around understanding people and then forming and building on relationships. That includes our clients and our employees….so…..we have spent the last couple of weeks introducing you to our people. This week it’s Rich Cinfio! Rich has decades of experience in the security industry and currently manages security for six hospitals, part of a major healthcare system in Ohio. He is also one of PRS’s trusted advisors!

Rich splits his time between Montana and Nevada with his lovely wife and while he has a thick East Coast accent, he is actually originally from California! We talked to Rich about everything from where he likes to spend his days,  his ability in the kitchen,  his family, and bonded over the hardest type of moments he’s had over the years. To hear what Rich had to say click on the video and remember to continue to visit our website for more videos!




Meet Al Robinette

Meet Al Robinette

You may know what we do at PRS, but the core of who we are…..well that’s what videos like this are here for! In lieu of our normal video series topics, we are playing the get-to-know us game! This week it’s our resident “people doctor” Al Robinette. Al is a leader in the security industry, with decades of experience in security and loss prevention. What Al also brings to the table is his expertise in people. He is well on his way to getting his PHD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Al uses those skills to help PRS hire people that will be a good fit for our work culture!

It’s fascinating how you can talk to someone several times, you think you have a sense of who they are and then out of nowhere, a curve ball. Al shared part of his life in this series of Q & A that serves as a story of hope and gives a real life happy ending. Now a proud PHD candidate, he once was homeless with nowhere to go. Al got a second chance from his grandmother, got a job and vowed to never let his former life become the future.

Al is a proud Texan who loves his wife, learning and helping people. Click on the video below to hear more about Al, his family and how he can grill just about anything that’s put in front of him! Continue to check back with Premier Risk Solutions for more videos just like this one!


Meet Bill Cooper

Meet Bill Cooper

We love our people at Premier Risk Solutions. Our entire philosophy of doing business is based around understanding people and then forming and building on relationships. That includes our clients and our employees….so…..we have spent the last couple of weeks introducing you to our people. This time, it’s Bill Cooper. Bill is one of our expert security consultants, who also has a rich history in law enforcement and corporate security.

Bill has decades of experience, as a former police chief and previously heading up security at T-Mobile. Now Bill shares his knowledge, teaching around the country as well as consulting. While Bill has too much experience to list here, we want to give you an insight into who he is on a personal level.

Bill hails from Chicago, where believe it or not, his family had ties to famous gangster Al Capone. Obviously, Bill chose to go on the other side of the law:) He has two daughters and a wife he adores and talks about constantly. The thing with Bill is, he may be a tough guy to some but to those of us who have the privilege of getting to know him, we get to see the nice guy who has “never had a bad day in his whole life”.

Click on the video to hear more about Bill and be sure to check back every week for more videos!

Meet Natasha, PRS’s Communications & Business Development Director

Meet Natasha, PRS’s Communications & Business Development Director

Natasha joined Premier Risk Solutions in January after a lengthy career as a news reporter/anchor at several stations across the country. Natasha’s last stop was the NBC affiliate in Seattle. Having the experience of watching the worst case scenario play out in daily newscasts, Natasha is elated to now be a part of a company that actively helps people avoid those situations.

One of her favorite life experiences was working at inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. She did the college program while attending Penn State. Natasha lived all over the world as a child (military brat) but is happy to finally be settled in Edmonds, Washington. While she takes her job here at PRS seriously, the most important part of her day is being with her daughters. Get to know Natasha in the video below, as her older daughter dishes out the questions:)




Meet our CEO Mike

Meet our CEO Mike

This week in lieu of our video series, we have decided to do a get to know our founder/CEO, Michael Delamere. Although to those of us who work for him, with him or call him a friend, he’s Mike. At PRS, we value relationships, especially with our clients and colleagues. That’s why we wanted to take a minute and share a lighter experience this week with all of you! Here’s the Q&A we’ve released on our social media channels.

Mike grew up in Massachusetts, moving to Boston to go to college. If you listen, you can still hear his accent:) He grew up with his younger brother and sister, joking that he kept everyone in line. Apparently sometimes security is just meant to be. Here’s why Mike chose the security industry….


Mike has worked in the security industry since he was 19, while attending school. He has a rich history in the security industry and branched out on his own with PRS in 2014. Listen to the video clip as Mike tells us what’s it been like to watch the company grow and what sets PRS apart from competitors.


One of the best things about working at PRS is knowing your boss values family above all else. In this clip Mike talks about his family and explains how that ties into providing the best services for his clients.


As we’ve said, Mike is a Boston native with but couldn’t be happier to also call the NW home for his family and it happens to be where PRS is headquartered.  Hear what made him fall in love with the NW in the clip below.


When you’re in the security business, all sorts of calls come through on a daily basis.  For Mike, business always comes back to relationships and building on that throughout the years. Listen as he describes his favorite kind of call to get.

Continue to check back for more videos!