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Premier Risk Solutions is a trusted and best-in-class executive protection provider. We provide a safe environment to ensure that your VIP can conduct their personal and professional life without disrupting their lifestyle. We offer a completely customized plan and low-profile professionals. We emphasize security needs and discreet overwatch at physical locations both personal and professional and provide close protection details that respect lifestyle and daily routines.

Executive Protection is our priority. Also known as close protection, Executive Protection is a series of security measures put in place to ensure the safety your VIPs, executives, or celebrities who are at an increased risk of being targeted because of their position. Our professionals are highly trained and adaptable to keep a low profile to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable.

We help you focus your attention on what matters, your work, and your family instead of your security. This ensures you will be more productive, focused, and give you the freedom and time to live your life. Premier Risk Solutions helps you stay ahead of potential risks with our experience, knowledge and attention to detail.

Our Executive Protection Risk Assessment

All components in our Executive Protection services were developed based on our Personalized Culture Fit program which emphasizes resiliency, time and priority management, and personal accountability. We provide a comprehensive range of Executive Protection services:

Threat mitigation of potential and verified threats

IRS 132 requirement implications

Custom Executive Training on Situational Awareness to their unique, personal needs

Costs and sources of funds

"I would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your exceptional project management skills and the outstanding level of service your team of security professionals have provided to Autodesk's crown jewel of events, Autodesk University Las Vegas. Implementing a logical and robust safety and security program in an event with over 9,000 attendees is challenging, to say the least. You more than adequately cover these requirements for all of our programs. The professionalism you and your team consistently exhibit has not gone unnoticed."



David Ego

"Premier Risk Solutions, LLC (PRS) is a valued business partner whom G4S Corporate Risk Services leverages for higher-end protective services and consultative solutions for its clients. We've found their personnel to be exemplary in their professionalism, thoroughness, and knowledge base. We will continue to utilize our relationship with PRS for additional projects when and where appropriate."



– Robert Dodge

"Over the last number of years, I've had the pleasure of having a business relationship with Michael Delamere, having him assist me with his professional services and guidance. Michael is diligent, thorough, professional, and most importantly, trustworthy! He's proactive and responsive, along with being a good communicator. This has allowed for a most beneficial working relationship to deal with the issues at hand and to bring relief and resolve to the client."



Vice President

– Wells Fargo Corporate Security

"I've had the pleasure and satisfaction of working with Mike Delamere on a variety of security-related endeavors for the past several years. When seeking his expertise and advice, I've found Mike to always be helpful, responsive, professional, patient and generous with his time. I consider myself fortunate to have established a much valued relationship with Mike. I can state with certainty that Mike will resolve any security-related issue, restore confidence in an organization’s ability to maintain a safe work environment, and professionally serve his clients in the highest manner possible. Therefore, I highly recommend Mike without reservation for any services under consideration."



Security / Emergency Director

– NorthBay Healthcare

"I've worked with Michael on several professional practices in Corporate Security risk management. He has a wealth of great professional connections that enhance his value as an SME on a variety of topics, including risk assessment, policy and procedure, standardization, and global risk & intel. Michael is a trusted partner that works in a collaborative manner and will provide scalable resources to any program."



Director of Global Corporate Security

– Square Corporate Security

"As his company name implies, Michael is a premier, experienced professional in the security services field. I've called on his services on a number of occasions over the past nine years. He's always provided services that have reached beyond expectations, and I continually rely on him and his firm for any of my high-level needs"



Ray Montalvo


"With Mike's holistic approach to the security industry and his sharp business acumen, he's able to provide quality, reliability, and professionalism to the highest of levels. It's been a pleasure working with Mike over the years and I look forward to working with him again on future security projects and initiatives."



David Davies, CPP

– Dapcon Security Consulting Services

"Michael is a smart manager of people and resources! Savvy, perceptive, and articulate are three of many traits that impress me most about him. His care for his clients and attention to detail are clearly evident when you work with him!"




– Lee Core, Inc.

"I hired Premier Risk Solutions, LLC to do a comprehensive security and risk assessment of a commercial office space that I manage in Seattle, WA. Joe Zaccaria, of PRS, did the assessment and it was a valuable experience. He took the physical building, operations and use, as well as neighborhood demographic and crime information, to perform an in-person study of the property and put together an action plan with recommendations to limit our risk exposure. Joe was knowledgeable, professional, and had thorough industry experience. His recommendations were well-thought-out and took a reasonable approach, both with respect to cost and feasibility to implement."



Kelsey Gordon

– Unico Properties

"The webinar was excellent! Straight to the point, on spot, brief but packed with great information. Having worked in Mexico doing executive protection, dignitary protection and as the Director of Security for an International Company, I found all of Carlos' statements to be valuable and accurate within my scope of experience. Great speaker, great presenter and a wealth of valuable knowledge. Thank you for providing another outstanding webinar presentation!"



SR Investigator

– Microsoft Global Security Investigations

"Just wanted to let you know that your team in Brazil was phenomenal. Very responsive, professional, and nice guys. Would absolutely want to use them again on the next trip. Thank you for helping us with that!"



Steve Gobish

– Snapchat

[Regarding a 9-day secure transportation assignment in Sao Paolo, Brazil...] "David is extremely happy with Domenico. He appreciates everything he has done for him. He is very professional, on time, friendly, and a great person. (All David's words.) Thank you for everything!"



Andrea Sims


"I first met Mike in 2014 when I managed events for Autodesk and have partnered with him many times since. He has always been an exceptional partner, assisting me in managing event security and executive protection assignments. I consider him a subject matter expert in a wide range of security matters including event security, executive protection and crisis management. I have always been impressed with Mike's work ethic and commitment to providing excellent support, managerial oversight and dedication to the task at hand."



Head of Global Physical Security

– Okta, Inc.

"I have received extremely professional security services and solutions from Michael and Premier Risk Solutions over the past two years. Michael is very attentive to detail and the worldwide services his team have provided to my clients is nothing short of exemplary. Michael's reach of services is vast, and his team has truly complimented my Protective Services Program. I will continue to use Premier Risk Solutions in the future and highly recommend Michael for any security project you may have due to his strong work ethic and commitment."



Sr. Director of Global Security and Protective Services

– Snap, Inc.

"I have known Michael for several years and can categorically state that he is one of the most dedicated and competent security professionals that I know. I have worked together with Michael on several joint projects and as a Volunteer Leader with ASIS International in every situation I have found him to be committed, dedicated, ethical and focused on excellence. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information."




– Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services

"Mike and PRS have provided security services to Autodesk at numerous events. His staff are always well prepared, customer oriented and provide professional service. I have been very pleased at the quality of his work and his people. I look forward to working more with PRS!"



Jeffrey Harp, CPP

– Highly Skilled Security and Asset Protection Professional

"I've worked with Michael on a number of occasions to provide security support in difficult international locations. Michael's team has provided security services and support to international travelers in many locations within Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Feedback from colleagues in my organization who've worked with Michael's team on the ground has been outstanding. The team's professionalism, preparedness, punctuality and local knowledge are referenced frequently. Working with Michael and Premier Risk Solutions has been a very positive experience and I look forward to the next opportunity to do so in the future."



Director EHSS Operations

– Juniper Networks

"I've known and worked with Michael for over 8 years on multiple, large scale events for Autodesk - both in Las Vegas and in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His attention to detail, professionalism, and calm demeanor in the most stressful of times make working together a pleasure. Michael came on board to assist me on AU Brazil, not only my first event of this size in Brazil, but a first for Autodesk - he worked and partnered with the local teams, as well as our global Autodesk security team to ensure our employees and attendees were safe. Along with his extensive knowledge of security around large scale events, Michael has a natural ability to build collaborative relationships, lead and manage multiple teams and creatively adapt to the changing circumstances that often impact large events, here and abroad. A genuine asset to any event and a pleasure to work with!"



Heather MacKenzie

– Global Event Producer

"I would like to thank your organization for the prompt and quality service. I know our advance notice for services was not always the best, regardless, you delivered. In addition, Francisco is excellent – he is professional and at the same time very approachable, he is well balanced. Our staff have become very comfortable with Francisco’s presence. My observation of Francisco’s relationship with Mark, Danny’s, and their PD officers has been positive and professional. Thank you for assisting us during this period."



Chief Executive Officer, Information Technology

– UC Davis Health

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