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Professional Executive Protection Specialists

Safeguarding Executives, Celebrities, and Vips in 70 Countries

Premier Risk Solutions is a trusted and best-in-class executive protection provider. We provide a safe environment to ensure that your VIP can conduct their personal and professional life without disrupting their lifestyle. We offer a completely customized plan and low-profile professionals. We emphasize security needs and discreet overwatch at physical locations both personal and professional and provide close protection details that respect lifestyle and daily routines.

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Our Executive Protection Risk Assessment

All components in our Executive Protection services were developed based on our Personalized Culture Fit program which emphasizes resiliency, time and priority management, and personal accountability. We provide a comprehensive range of Executive Protection services:

  • Threat mitigation of potential and verified threats
  • IRS 132 requirement implications
  • Custom Executive Training on Situational Awareness to their unique, personal needs

Executive Protection

Executive Protection is our priority. Also known as close protection, Executive Protection is a series of security measures put in place to ensure the safety your VIPs, executives, or celebrities who are at an increased risk of being targeted because of their position. Our professionals are highly trained and adaptable to keep a low profile to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable.

PRS Executive Protection Solutions

We help you focus your attention on what matters, your work, and your family instead of your security. This ensures you will be more productive, focused, and give you the freedom and time to live your life. Premier Risk Solutions helps you stay ahead of potential risks with our experience, knowledge and attention to detail.

Client Testimonials

Top Private Security Contractor Serving Greater Seattle & Select Cities in 70 Countries Around the World