security should embrace technology

Dec 16, 2021 | Blog

Professional Security Solutions

Technology is sometimes seen as the enemy, a big change or perhaps even competition to mankind. We spoke with Eddie Sorrells, COO for DSI Security Services about the positive effects of technology in the security world.

The tipping off point for the interview was an old article Eddie re-posted on his LinkedIn. I found it interesting because the idea of how cameras are placed and monitored is still one of the most common areas of concern in risk assessments. From dummy cameras to footage no one is watching…Eddie talks about how prevalent that problem is and what we are seeing years removed from that article. Eddies says currently 70 million cameras are up in the U.S., that number increasing daily.

Eddie discussed more convenient ways to monitor footage and integrate autonomous responses. Listen to Eddie’s interview for more on how the security industry should be embracing the newest and latest technology, as it will be the key to safety.

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