Stopping International Crimes with a New App

Stopping International Crimes with a New App

In this week’s video series we spoke to Jim Fuda, the Executive Director for Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound & Vice-Chairman for Crime Stoppers Global Solutions. Fuda spends his days and evenings fighting against a whole host of international crimes including human trafficking. The thing he is most passionate about is a new app (Transnational Crime Initiative App or TCI ) that could curb the crime, encouraging anonymous tips in a way that both incentivizes and is safe in corrupted areas.

Fuda says, human trafficking is the fastest growing and second-largest criminal industry in the world today, and it’s estimated 45 million people are trafficked worldwide. Let that sit for a moment. Fuda gives an example in the video of what that actually looks like, he shares stories in our interview that are emotionally gutting. However, those stories and the statistics he provides are crucial to raising awareness of what happens in real life, not just in horror movies. A knowledge he’s not just affording the average citizen but also security companies that have resources and contacts in the countries the TCI app is targeting.

Specifically speaking to human trafficking….did you know ? Every four seconds, there is a new slave. In an hour, that’s 1,050. In a day, that’s 25,200, and in a year that amounts to 9.2 million. Human trafficking is just one crime the TCI app is focused on. The other areas include:

  1. Human Trafficking – Sex & Labor
  2. Terrorist Activity
  3. Narcotic Trafficking
  4. Illicit Trade
  5. Illegal Arms Dealing
  6. Cyber Crime
  7. Bank Fraud – Money Laundering

The app allows people to make anonymous tips from their phones, and incentivizes with a thousand dollars for said tip, if it leads to an arrest and a charge. It’s done so in a way that people can feel comfortable they won’t be harmed, or their families won’t be harmed if discovered. It is completely anonymous and is in native languages. The TCI app sets its site on the Balkan Route, including Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia, with the hope of expanding to other continents.

Now, let’s talk about how this affects everyone. Tips come into that hotline about illegal arms deals. Those deals could potentially include weapons used in a plotted attack on the U.S.. This app gets the tip and is clued into the deal and a potential terrorist attack could be thwarted. The point Fuda makes is, these crimes are not out of our borders and not our problem. They are very much everyone’s problem.

CALL TO ACTION: Here’s what Fuda needs help with…..get the word out. Please spread this article, his interview, to anyone who will listen. This is especially true if you/your company has contacts in the four countries mentioned. You can visit the Global Solutions website for more information and don’t forget to continue to visit ours for more videos just like this one.

Project Hummingbird: Combining Tactical Knowledge with De-escalation Techniques

Project Hummingbird: Combining Tactical Knowledge with De-escalation Techniques

Allison Sands is someone you want to talk to and be friends with. Yes, it’s the nature of who she is but it’s that kind of soft skill, the ability to talk to people, that she advocates for in security training. All part of the art of de-escalation and part of the training she offers through Project Hummingbird. Allison is a former intelligence analyst, FBI agent and is now in corporate security.

Allison says the reason she created Project Hummingbird is she found people need soft skills 99 percent of the time but most officers are only trained in tactical skills. Watching the protests against police brutality, Allison says the light bulb went off. Officers were put in situations that turned violent and being held accountable for outcomes that could have been different had they received additional training in how to de-escalate.

Despite the perception of the security/law enforcement sector as a whole, Allison says most officers/agents who have been put in violent situations believe this type of training is necessary. The pushback hasn’t been as prevalent as one might think, and Allison says typically it’s from people that have never been in tumultuous situations.

She believes in the altruistic nature of the industry and says the majority of officers/agents just want to come home at night to their families without ever having to draw a weapon. Allison believes life saving skills are absolutely necessary but so is the ability to assess the situation and the necessity of drawing a weapon, instead of coming in hot.

You can learn more about Allison’s training on her website! Be sure to check back with Premier Risk Solutions for more videos just like this one!

School Safety Can’t Wait

School Safety Can’t Wait

As a society, the group of people we want to protect the most is children. This week in our video series we talked to Michele Gay from Safe and Sound Schools. This mom lost her daughter, Joey, in the Sandy Hook shootings. Out of the tragedy, Michele founded her organization to raise awareness about school safety. She spoke to us about not having the luxury to defer security in schools, “We don’t have the privilege, and when it comes to our kids, why would we want to do that?”.

Schools across the country are now back in session and while Covid is a top priority, it shouldn’t be the only one. Michele travels the country talking to schools and she finds about twenty percent have a property emergency response plan. The main culprit in not having a higher number goes back to a mentality I saw far too many times in the news business. The notion that something as horrible as a mass school shooting just can’t happen in safe, quiet towns. Michele says Newtown, Connecticut is the perfect example of why that mentality has to be changed.

Something PRS finds when we conduct risk assessments is also what Michele sees as the number one problem in schools, access control. Often schools are left wide open and have no surveillance systems to see who is coming in and out of the building. She encourages schools as a first step, to reach out to public safety officials and then adopt formal plans using private security professionals.

Michele also talked to us about what it’s like to endure losing a child in such a violent way and what carries her through the day. Click on the video to hear that and be sure to visit our website for more videos like this one.

Safe and Sound Schools is holding its annual National Summit of School Safety from October 26-28, where a lineup of experts will talk about school safety, share best practices and lessons learned. For more information on that, click here.




Meet our Newest Team Member, Jeff Anspaugh

Meet our Newest Team Member, Jeff Anspaugh

In this week’s edition of our video series, we are introducing you to our newest consultant, Jeff Anspaugh. PRS is elated to have Jeff join us as he brings decades of experience in law enforcement, military service and corporate security!

If you really want to get to know Jeff, you can always ask our CEO, Mike! Jeff just happened to be Mike’s best man in his wedding!  I can tell you Jeff’s kind nature and positivity are infectious! Jeff also doesn’t shy away from talking about his faith. Something that has pulled him through the tough times and gives him that much more joy during the good times! Jeff also can’t talk enough about his love for his wonderful wife. Ideal weekend day? Hosting dinners, playing cards and hanging out in their neighborhood.

Jeff says his years as an officer provided so many life changing moments but his favorite was seeing others change. He describes the relief and happiness from watching someone turn their life around. Listen to the video for one story in particular! Be sure to continue to check out more blogs on our website. 


Taking the Hit & Getting Back Up: Global Resilience

Taking the Hit & Getting Back Up: Global Resilience

It’s all about making sure the company can take a hit and keep on going. That’s Bridget Guerrero’s main function as Go Daddy’s Global Security Operations & Resilience Manager! In this week’s edition of our video series, we sat down with Bridget, former Marine and senior intel officer for the Department of Homeland Security.

COVID has certainly pushed the term “global resilience” into the spotlight. It was a risk no one saw coming, leaving companies without plans in place to survive it and let alone, come back from it. Bridget says having impactful plans in place to mitigate things like a pandemic or a natural disaster are how you ensure your company’s success. She says stakeholders are now working closer together and more collaboratively than ever before.

Bridget talked to us about her training as a Marine and how that prepared her for a role in corporate security and resilience. After all, “In the Marines, they knock you down seven times to see if you can get back up.” She said the teamwork and creating a culture where you’re working together continues to guider her in her managerial role. She says possibly the most important thing to teach a young security professional is humility.

Click the video below to hear more from Bridget, including her take on the buildout of the standard security professional. Don’t forget to continue to visit our website for more videos just like this!




Yes, Women ARE in Security!

Yes, Women ARE in Security!

Brittany Galli jokes she ended up in security by accident. She is now the Chief Success Officer for MoboHubb, the founder of Getting Security Done and the future chair for ASIS’s Global Women In Security. Starting out in the financial world for consulting and education, she moved to the East Coast and got more involved with corporate operations. Entering security as a young professional and a woman she saw some shortcomings.

That’s one of the reasons she organized Breakfast at Brittany’s at a GSX Conference in Florida. Brittany invited leaders in the industry to get together and chat about the changes they wanted to see. This is how Getting Security Done was born. Tackling everything from technology to business acumen, they have a meeting of the minds weekly and then host educational webinars.

Brittany credits the MeToo Movement as a partial reason for the expanded desire to have women in the security industry. She says men ask her how they can help women in the industry. Brittany tells them there are three things: 1) Help someone around you get promoted 2) You can get them connected 3) Support them, follow them on social media, like comments. She says the third sets women up for success by gaining respect from peers. Brittany believes women in security are no longer afraid to speak up and she has seen that progress over the past few years.

Click on the video to hear Brittany’s entire interview and come back to our website for more videos like this!

Case Study: International FCPA Investigation

Case Study: International FCPA Investigation

The Client: In this case study example, PRS assisted a Fortune 500 high tech company based
in the USA during a Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Investigation in Moscow, Russia.

The Situation: The client uncovered some potential FCPA violations that were reported through
internal anonymous channels. For fear of retaliation, the client requested each party who was
a member of the board of directors from the 3rd party supplier/partner to be researched on
their potential connections to organized crime and other serious violent crimes. This resulted
in 8 individuals plus the 3rd party supplier organization being researched for such prospective

The Solution: The local PRS investigative partner in Moscow collated each individual report
and the company report within 2 weeks of the initial request. While no specific, concrete
information was uncovered tying any of the parties investigated to organization crime or
other serious violent crimes, there was some information located that indirectly caused
some concern around one individual.

The Result: The client had their Chief Legal Officer, Chief Executive Officer and other
senior executives travel to Moscow over the subsequent 5-6 month period of time on
several occasions to deal with this issue. For each trip taken, PRS was engaged for
security driver services. This provided a high level of comfort to the client and their
staff. Ultimately no issues occurred through this timeframe.

“Quick note to quickly say how much I

appreciate PRS. The agent is reliable and

just a really good person. I enjoyed catching

up with him. I look forward to seeing him

again soon, likely Q1. .”

-Juniper Networks

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