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Protecting the Business Integrity of Companies & Organizations Through Applied Criminalistics

“What keeps you up at night?”


When top-level executives of most successful US-based companies are asked this question, the answer is invariably centered around the wholeness, soundness, and performance of the business; around the business integrity of the company. Modern criminalistics practices and technologies can safeguard the integrity of your Seattle business.

Due to the slowing global economy and the rising friction between national trading partners competing in the global marketplace, the frequency and severity of attacks are ramping up. Whether copying entire segments of your business to replace you in the marketplace or attacking your reputation and brand to pull your company down, attackers are working to take unfair advantage.

Attackers are:

  • Purposeful – attacking you to achieve a goal
  • Powerful – whether a company, state-owned enterprise, or agent of a foreign nation, attackers are often well financed with a clear mandate to ruin you
  • Partially Inside – attacks are almost always made with the help of internal management or staff
  • Relentless – Almost never attacking just once, but maintaining a steady campaign until the demise of your company or division is achieved
  • Not deterred by conventional legal remedies or punishments used by most US based firms when confronted with such a situation

Having helped other companies that have been attacked, we know the methods and procedures of engagement used by modern attackers. With a complete risk assessment and deployment of measures to ensure your business continuity, we can help you stop attackers before any damage is done. If you suspect or are troubled by certain things you’re seeing in your business, let’s talk. Premier Risk Solutions knows this terrain very well and uses the very latest in criminalistics to determine criminal profiles and provide real-world solutions.

What Are Threats?

While cyber hacking is an ever-present threat, its only one thin band in the wide spectrum of threats that can befall any company. Threats may come in the form of:

Fraud, embezzlement, diversion

Employee raiding (enticement to gain intellectual property by reverse engineering)

Extortion, coercion, blackmail

Elicitation (gaining proprietary information via subterfuge and implicitly)

Solicitation (gaining proprietary information via recruitment of confederate internal ‘moles’)

Stealing intellectual property such as formulas, databases, algorithms, customer lists and/or budget plans using various types of espionage techniques

Fully Applied Criminalistics for Industries in Greater Seattle & Select Cities Around the World

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