Case Study: International FCPA Investigation

Sep 1, 2021 | Case Study | 125 comments

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The Client: In this case study example, PRS assisted a Fortune 500 high tech company based
in the USA during a Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Investigation in Moscow, Russia.

The Situation: The client uncovered some potential FCPA violations that were reported through
internal anonymous channels. For fear of retaliation, the client requested each party who was
a member of the board of directors from the 3rd party supplier/partner to be researched on
their potential connections to organized crime and other serious violent crimes. This resulted
in 8 individuals plus the 3rd party supplier organization being researched for such prospective

The Solution: The local PRS investigative partner in Moscow collated each individual report
and the company report within 2 weeks of the initial request. While no specific, concrete
information was uncovered tying any of the parties investigated to organization crime or
other serious violent crimes, there was some information located that indirectly caused
some concern around one individual.

The Result: The client had their Chief Legal Officer, Chief Executive Officer and other
senior executives travel to Moscow over the subsequent 5-6 month period of time on
several occasions to deal with this issue. For each trip taken, PRS was engaged for
security driver services. This provided a high level of comfort to the client and their
staff. Ultimately no issues occurred through this timeframe.

“Quick note to quickly say how much I

appreciate PRS. The agent is reliable and

just a really good person. I enjoyed catching

up with him. I look forward to seeing him

again soon, likely Q1. .”

-Juniper Networks

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