The Yellow Brick Road to Personal & Professional Safety: Providing Comfort During Uncomfortable Times in 2023

Jul 3, 2023 | Advices, Crime, Executive Protection, Risk Management, Security for Employees, Security Training

Safety First, Personal Safety, Professional Safety

Dubbed The Yellow Brick Road to Personal and Professional Safety and The Menu Approach to Human Behavioral Threat Assessment, PRS Advisory Board Member Rich Cinfio provides insight into the reasons why both programs have been in high demand and are very well-received in the private and public sectors. With the continuing escalation of acts of mass violence and workplace violence, Rich believes security professionals can best serve their organization and teammates by providing comfort during uncomfortable times.

This core, coupled with simple, yet effective, safety strategies can dramatically change how one views their ability to recognize unsafe situations and quickly respond to prevent harm. Alarmingly so, recent mass-casualty events continue to demonstrate that the first breakdown more often than not is the failure to recognize and report early indicators of pending violence along with the absence of a robust human behavioral threat assessment posture. Rich will shed light on the importance of threat assessment and offer strategies to consider when adopting a program in your organization.

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