Inside the Mind of an Active Shooter

Apr 22, 2021 | Crime, Executive Protection, Risk Management, Security for Employees, Strong, Safe & True


We continue to see the number of mass shootings rise in our country. The latest shooting that targeted innocent people in a public place was a grocery store in Long Island, NY just days ago. At one point, most of us have wondered, “What would make someone do that?”. In this edition of our video series, “Strong, Safe & True,” we sit down with Dr. Gregory Jantz to try to answer that question.

Dr. Jantz is known for his work with mental health and specifically for addressing active shooter scenarios on various news networks. He tells us what kind of profile a shooter usually fits, how they pick their victims and how to look for warning signs before it happens. Jantz, like others, believes we will most likely see more mass shootings in the months to come. Hear what he has to say in the video.

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