Four Executive Security Myths in Seattle

Dec 25, 2020 | Executive Protection, PRS Team, Risk Management, Security for Employees

There are some misconceptions about executive protection we need to set straight. It’s important to know what it entails, what it is and what it is not. Let’s examine some of these executive security myths in detail.

#1: Executive Security Personnel Are Simply Bodyguards 

There’s a prevailing belief that executive security is just a fancy term for bodyguards or hired muscles. Executive security is about safeguarding the client and their property. Yes, this may entail bodyguard duties but it’s so much more than that. It also includes physical and cyber-threat assessment, vehicle patrol, surveillance, digital forensics, and private investigative services.

#2: Executive Security Is Cost-Prohibitive

Because of the word “executive,” people mistakenly believe the service is something that only the elites – the Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world – can afford. While the cost is certainly an investment, it’s well within the price range of most medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies. 

#3: Executive Security Personnel Have Law Enforcement Authority

Some people are under the assumption that security personnel hold the same legal authority as law enforcement. While security teams can detain individuals, they cannot place people under arrest. Security teams do, however, work closely with local police and sheriff’s departments to stay on top of the latest local crimes and threats.

#4: Executive Security Personnel Are Terrible at Public Relations

There’s a stereotype that executive security members will react aggressively if anyone gets within 10 feet of their client. Security members actually learn a great deal about their client’s business and become accustomed to interacting with customers in a courteous and friendly manner.

Don’t Buy into These Executive Security Myths

Safeguard your company today by contacting Premier Risk Solutions. Hopefully, having these executive security myths explained better defines our role and our duties, and refutes some of the mainstream misconceptions. Contact us today for a consultation.

Don’t Believe These Executive Security Myths for Seattle Businesses 

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