Will We See An Increase in Domestic Terrorism?

Apr 14, 2021 | Business Loss, Crime, Executive Protection, Risk Management, Security for Employees, Surveillance & Security

In this week’s edition of our video series, “Strong, Safe & True,” we sit down with Retired Police Chief and Commander Bill Cooper to discuss domestic terrorism. In the past month, we’ve seen mass shootings in Georgia, Colorado, California, Washington D.C…..and Cooper expects the number of shootings to increase as pandemic restrictions go away.

Fewer restrictions mean more mass gatherings and that presents targets for domestic terrorists.  Cooper says there are several things at play and to consider. There are more militias, and they are better organized and prone to inciting violence. In addition, the tense political situation is having an effect. Watch the video on this page for Cooper’s advice on what to look for and how to not fall victim.

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