Top 2 Security Risks for 2017 and What You Can Do to Prevent Them

Feb 15, 2017 | PRS Team

Camera Security Now

Recently, I was interviewed by Camera Security Now for my thoughts & insights into the Top 2 Security Risks for US-based multi-national corporations for 2017.  I had a terrific time meeting & discussing today’s issues overall and especially want to thank Andy Wendt for reaching out to me and putting this article together!

Incidents of violence in the news have dramatically increased over the past 2 years. These situations include:

  • San Bernardino CA office party
  • Orlando FL nightclub
  • Charleston SC church
  • Aurora CO movie theatre
  • Dallas TX parking garage in Texas

Perpetrators have also begun to prey on law enforcement. Violence against the police in 2016, topped out with 21 officers killed in November alone, 140 deaths in the line of duty for the year. When your protectors need protection, you begin to look for stronger solutions to maintain security.

Shock from these events has been widespread. Wisely, leaders in both the public and private sectors have begun to re-examine current policies and to actively look to build their security posture.

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