Taking the Hit & Getting Back Up: Global Resilience

Sep 9, 2021 | Blog, Strong, Safe & True, Surveillance & Security

Executive Protection Services

It’s all about making sure the company can take a hit and keep on going. That’s Bridget Guerrero’s main function as Go Daddy’s Global Security Operations & Resilience Manager! In this week’s edition of our video series, we sat down with Bridget, former Marine and senior intel officer for the Department of Homeland Security.

COVID has certainly pushed the term “global resilience” into the spotlight. It was a risk no one saw coming, leaving companies without plans in place to survive it and let alone, come back from it. Bridget says having impactful plans in place to mitigate things like a pandemic or a natural disaster are how you ensure your company’s success. She says stakeholders are now working closer together and more collaboratively than ever before.

Bridget talked to us about her training as a Marine and how that prepared her for a role in corporate security and resilience. After all, “In the Marines, they knock you down seven times to see if you can get back up.” She said the teamwork and creating a culture where you’re working together continues to guider her in her managerial role. She says possibly the most important thing to teach a young security professional is humility.

Click the video below to hear more from Bridget, including her take on the buildout of the standard security professional. Don’t forget to continue to visit our website for more videos just like this!




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