Challenges for Sporting Venues: 5 Tips for a Seamless Experience

Oct 21, 2021 | Advices, Consultation, Executive Protection, Risk Management

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In this week’s video series, we talk about the level of security at stadiums and sporting venues across the country. With the labor shortage and Covid concerns, there in an increased number of challenges for security teams. James DeMeo knows all about those challenges as a sport security consultant and former police officer.

DeMeo says more now than ever, risk assessments are vital in keeping fans safe and making sure venues are doing everything possible to safeguard spaces with the available resources. That’s because one of the most prevalent is issues is a lack of help. DeMeo says with a shortage in security officers to work these large-scale events, it can prove to be quite difficult. He points out an example of a state fair. Communities are (in some areas) having to pull in from multiple agencies because of a lack in law enforcement. That could mean officers from many different departments who may have been trained differently or are not used to working with each other responsible for being prepared in the event of an emergency. There’s also the issue of the long days. Some of these officers are working normal hours and then have hours on a bus to help out with events and they show up tired. This is just one of the “new norms” that security is dealing with.

With all that is going on in today’s world, DeMeo wants to not only educate people on the current climate challenges, (in a non-fear mongering type of way), but also present some tips for spectators. James tells us an educated fan is a safe one, so here are five tips for a seamless fan experience:

1. Plan on arriving at the venue well ahead of the scheduled event/performance start time. This way you’ll be able to find parking, gain entry, purchase some soda & popcorn and get to your seats with plenty of time to spare.

2. Know exactly where you parked your vehicle’s location and its proximity to the venue.

3. Ensure that everyone in your family has a fully charged cell phone in case you are separated as a result of a true emergency situation at or near the venue.

4. Make sure you read over the venue’s code of conduct. Located on your Team’s website, you find out if you will be required to wear a face mask, provide proof of vaccination and/or negative Covid-19 test along with other pandemic and safety requirements.

5. Create a pre-determined meeting spot for you and your family in the event you have to evacuate the venue due to an emergency. Always follow the direction and guidance of first responders, law enforcement working at the venue.

DeMeo also addresses Covid and the challenges that is bringing to sports security. Click on the video for more and be sure to continue to visit our website for more videos just like this one!

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