Lives Saved With Proper Planning, The Value of Risk Assessments

Apr 14, 2021 | Business Loss, Executive Protection, Risk Management, Security for Employees, Surveillance & Security

Time to be proactive! In our video series, “Strong, Safe & True” we sit down with Retired Police Chief Bill Cooper to talk about risk assessments. The famous adage, it’s better to be proactive than reactive rings more than true in the security world. Being proactive can save lives when you’re talking about proper planning on a safety level.

The goal of course is to ensure companies are prepared and have taken proper precautions should present. An example of that would be an active shooter scenario.

Cooper breaks down assessments for companies, to give a complete picture of what one would look like. He also addresses how to tell if you need one and once it’s over, how to follow up, so it’s actually worth your time and money. Check out the the video and be sure to come back to our website for more blogs and videos!

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