PRS’s Michael Delamere Featured at #MSSGreatLakes forum

Oct 28, 2021 | Uncategorized

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Our CEO, Michael Delamere was featured as a panelist at the MSSGreat Lake Forum. In case you missed the panel discussion, we are linking it here in our blog. Along with Delamere, Craig McKim, Drew Neckar and David Schlecte, Mike talked about the skills security professionals need to have, our usage of behavioral sciences in our hiring process and advice on where and how to utilize social media. A big thanks to Phelim Rowe for featuring our company in this event!

Mike talked about how valuable soft skills as security professionals and how key the ability to communicate with the C-Suite is. We use people sciences when we onboard new hires to clearly define what abilities employees have and what tools they need to be effective and engaged. That ultimately leads to a better level of efficiency in organizations.

The one thing we pride ourselves on at PRS is using our platform to educate. When asked about usage of social media as a way to engage clients and do business, Mike articulated our primary goal. We used LinkedIn primarily and as a tool to share information not fear monger, but to disseminate valuable knowledge. We make it a point to provide original content and do it on a regular basis, so our base knows what to expect and when to expect it.

Listen to the rest of in interview in the video to hear about Mike’s view on business acumen and what the current climate is in higher learning institutions regarding private security. Be sure to visit our website for more videos like this one.

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