PRS Radio – Show #3 – Active Shooter / Domestic Terrorism / Workplace Violence

Oct 5, 2016 | PRS Team

Time: 22:00 ~ France, San Bernardino, Orlando… these words alone strike a chord in all of us similar to 9/11.  Excel Industries, Accent Signage Systems, Hartford Distributors, for some reason do not stimulate the same kind of response. Yet these last three companies were the victims of mass shootings by a workplace violence perpetrator in just the last 3- 5 years.

Believe it or not, the shooters in all of these atrocities exhibited similar behaviors prior to the event. The specific motivation for the act may have been different, but their behaviors well before the shooting are surprisingly alike!

This 22-minute webinar reveals these behaviors in order to identify and thus prevent these killings.  Protect yourself, your employees, your coworkers, and your business – without being armed or skilled in the martial arts!

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