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Jul 22, 2021 | PRS Team

Protection Security Services

This week in lieu of our video series, we have decided to do a get to know our founder/CEO, Michael Delamere. Although to those of us who work for him, with him or call him a friend, he’s Mike. At PRS, we value relationships, especially with our clients and colleagues. That’s why we wanted to take a minute and share a lighter experience this week with all of you! Here’s the Q&A we’ve released on our social media channels.

Mike grew up in Massachusetts, moving to Boston to go to college. If you listen, you can still hear his accent:) He grew up with his younger brother and sister, joking that he kept everyone in line. Apparently sometimes security is just meant to be. Here’s why Mike chose the security industry….


Mike has worked in the security industry since he was 19, while attending school. He has a rich history in the security industry and branched out on his own with PRS in 2014. Listen to the video clip as Mike tells us what’s it been like to watch the company grow and what sets PRS apart from competitors.


One of the best things about working at PRS is knowing your boss values family above all else. In this clip Mike talks about his family and explains how that ties into providing the best services for his clients.


As we’ve said, Mike is a Boston native with but couldn’t be happier to also call the NW home for his family and it happens to be where PRS is headquartered.  Hear what made him fall in love with the NW in the clip below.


When you’re in the security business, all sorts of calls come through on a daily basis.  For Mike, business always comes back to relationships and building on that throughout the years. Listen as he describes his favorite kind of call to get.

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