Keeping Your Company Employees Safe Physically Emotionally

Mar 17, 2021 | Crime, Executive Protection, PRS Team, Risk Management, Security for Employees, Strong, Safe & True


We are excited to bring you a new video series, falling right into our motto, “Strong, Safe & True.” We are chatting with industry experts to talk security and how it relates to your company and employees in today’s world. That includes Covid-19 related concerns, issues with safety while working from home, and new expectations in today’s climate.

Our first session features Doug Hicks, a security specialist with Premier Risk Solutions. In this video, he focuses on personal security and vigilance. Specifically, how to “turn on and tune in”. This method ensures you can recognize anything out of the ordinary and can handle a potentially threatening situation. Doug emphasizes the importance of carrying that knowledge into any environment, including the office.  

Here’s why this information is helpful to any company:

  • If employees feel safe, they have one less worry/distraction
  • If employees feel valued and they’ve been given tools to be successful in any situation, it boosts confidence
  • If employees feel safe and valued, they are more likely to stay with the company that provided that
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