Empathy through the human connection in the workplace

Dec 2, 2021 | Blog

Professional Security Solutions

In this week’s edition of “Strong, Safe & True,” we sit down with Minette Norman. Norman spent 30 years in the software industry but now she spends her time helping companies lead with empathy, encouraging diversity and inclusion. We talked to her about safety and security, both physical and psychological.

Minette spoke about the importance of human connection in the workplace. She points out that not only does it fulfill an emotional need for employees, but having those relationships truly helps solve the hard problems that arise for businesses. It also leads to higher productivity and lower turnover.

When you can create solid, safe workplaces in an emotional capacity, it can lead to stronger physical safety. Most domestic violence cases against women happen at the workplace, but because women fear being seen as bringing drama or problems with them, won’t open up to employers or coworkers. If people feel safe and protected at work, they would be more likely to share threats. That way, an employer could help guard their well-being.

Listen to the video to hear Minette talk about the importance of inclusion and diversity. Come back to our website for more videos like this one.

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