Disney Magic and Security? Who Knew They Could Go Hand in Hand?

Jul 8, 2021 | Security for Employees, Strong, Safe & True, Surveillance & Security

Corporate Security

Natasha here, the Communications Director for PRS! As a former Disney cast member I could not be more elated to tie magic into security. All thanks to my old friend, Carlos Francisco, the Corporate Security Translator. Carlos applies the principles he learned at Disney to every security position he holds and believes if more people did that in our industry, leadership would be at all time high level of efficiency and brilliance. He has a rich history at Disney (21 years), as the Parks Security Manager and then moved on to Amazon and Facebook. In addition, Carlos’s passion is to help people cross over in corporate security and just launched his new book, So You Want to Get into Corporate Security?. 

The first thing that has to be set right in Carlo’s security M.A.G.I.C. tactics is “M”indset. Carlos says a security professional needs to understand that when they are walking into a potentially hostile/volatile environment, it’s probable the security agent will not be liked. If they can come in with the proper mindset, understanding the situation, they will learn to not take that personally.

Carlos says as a manager/leader, you have to take interest in what people are saying, whether that’s your clients or the employees.  Critical success points are vital for Carlos. He says for management brilliance, as a leader, you have to be vulnerable and individualize approach with everyone you come into contact with.  Whether it’s a guard, the VP of the company or an accountant, everyone should have the same mission and contributing to make that mission successful.  He always leads by example with all of his employees as well. At Disney, if there was a moment where bag checks needed to begin, he was the first to jump on and lead. Carlos’s favorite tactic was “friendship walks.” Watch the video to check it out what that means and be sure to continue to visit our website for more videos just like this one.







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