Convention center event security: Do you have a plan?

Aug 10, 2016 | Related Local Business

Do you have an effective convention center event security plan? Unfortunately, organizations put themselves at risk when the answer to that question is “no.” Corporate marketing teams provide a bevy of convention center events each year that organizations must consider their risk profile for.  From “Gold Club” events that allow top tier performers to relax in a highly desirable destination setting, to “All-Hands” events that bring all staff members of an organization together (along with perhaps key vendors and customers), the environment of such activities held off-site from the corporate offices does bring a different risk profile to attendees and the organization.  Threats and vulnerabilities will change when venues change.

Organizations have a Duty of Care for their staff while they are on business travel.  In as much the venues where such convention center events are held by an organization’s marketing and sales teams are viewed as an extension of the workplace and much have proper safety and security in place for it as well.

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