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Brittany Galli jokes she ended up in security by accident. She is now the Chief Success Officer for MoboHubb, the founder of Getting Security Done and the future chair for ASIS’s Global Women In Security. Starting out in the financial world for consulting and education, she moved to the East Coast and got more involved with corporate operations. Entering security as a young professional and a woman she saw some shortcomings.

That’s one of the reasons she organized Breakfast at Brittany’s at a GSX Conference in Florida. Brittany invited leaders in the industry to get together and chat about the changes they wanted to see. This is how Getting Security Done was born. Tackling everything from technology to business acumen, they have a meeting of the minds weekly and then host educational webinars.

Brittany credits the MeToo Movement as a partial reason for the expanded desire to have women in the security industry. She says men ask her how they can help women in the industry. Brittany tells them there are three things: 1) Help someone around you get promoted 2) You can get them connected 3) Support them, follow them on social media, like comments. She says the third sets women up for success by gaining respect from peers. Brittany believes women in security are no longer afraid to speak up and she has seen that progress over the past few years.

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