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In this week’s session of our video series, “Strong, Safe & True,” we are talking about private investigations. These types of investigations can be the key when dealing with a threat. Premier Risk Solutions has partnered with Private Investigator, C.W. Sellers on investigations that lead to peace of mind for executives and their families. However, to have a successful outcome requires the right team. Private Investigator, C.W. Sellers says there are several things that go into assembling the perfect crew for a job. That includes skillsets, experience, expertise, and a person’s ability to be a team player.

Then comes collaboration. When doing an investigation, it takes a lot of time and prep work. It could mean hours of surveillance, counter-surveillance, and compiling information. The right hand has to be in constant communication with the left hand. There are key things that have to be taken into consideration, like the environment of the investigation, the client’s needs, equipment needs, and personal needs. Sellers talks about this in detail as well as the preparation and execution of the job in the video link. Come back to Premier Risk Solutions for future blogs and videos!