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The Power of Empathy

The Power of Empathy is discussed from a panelist of speakers including:

  • Tim Dillon, Global Safety & Security for ROKU,
  • Rich Cinfio, Director of Security for TriHealth
  • Al Robinette, President of CareerPath Consulting & Development
  • Michael Delamere, President of Premier Risk Solutions (Moderator/Host)

Our experts cover:

  • Why this topic is most important today
  • What it is (and isn’t)
  • Its types, barriers to empathy, signs of empathy, as well as its role in conflict resolution and relationship development
  • It’s Real World Applications
  • Tips and Strategies
  • It’s Long-Term Benefits and how you can further develop your empathic skills for the workplace

Learn these identifiable traits and valuable experiences of our panelists as they share what they have learned over the years.  The content portion is about 1 hour in duration, with about a 15min Q&A dialogue near the end of the video playback for your reference.  Click here to watch the video.

For some additional reference material provided, click here to review 31 Empathetic Statements For When You Don’t Know What To Say.