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What Is a Bug-Out-Bag?

A bug-out-bag (or BOB) is a survival bag (usually a rucksack) that contains the most important items you will require to survive after a disaster. The idea is to have the bag packed and ready to go, so you can grab it quickly, get out the door and get long-gone should a disaster happen.

What Should Go In the Bug-Out-Bag?

When planning your bug-out-bag you need to consider the three things that are vital to survival: water, shelter, and fire (in that order). Food is important, but not vital. Remember the (simple) rule of three, you can survive: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and three weeks without food. In an extreme survival situation, I would also add 3 hours without fire and shelter. Below is a list of items. (in no specific order) you should consider adding to your bug-out-bag. Where possible we have included direct links to high-quality recommended products. We either have experience with these products, or they come very highly recommended by others.

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