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Investigations require a special skill set. A good investigator must not only be a detail-oriented individual with exceptional observation skills but creative in their mindset towards their approach to an investigation. Each investigation is unique in its own right rendering a custom approach to each case required. An investigation can consist of a pre-employment background check, special due diligence perhaps for a merger or acquisition in a business transaction, interviews in a theft situation, physical surveillance of an individual(s) for purposes of documenting suspected activities, and the list runs on.

A quality investigation will have hallmarks that consist of the following attributes:

  1. Commitment from Senior Level Management
  2. Allocation of Resources
  3. Compliance with the Law
  4. Extensive Documentation
  5. Post-Investigation Follow Up

To best guide our clients, the enclosed is a package list of offerings that Premier Risk Solutions (PRS) is able to provide in our support of an investigation. Custom solutions are available to suit your specific needs as well and quoted on an as-needed basis. Our clients will receive a detailed written report typically within one business week’s time on average (could be 2-3 business days more or less depending on the timing and situation).

Should you need external investigative support services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Premier Risk Solutions to discuss!