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The question has often come about from many companies seeking consultants, auditors and program developers, how can a young company with limited staffing support a company on a global scale and the answer is and always will be Strategic Business Partnerships.  There is a reason most companies seek outside support and that is these individual companies provide the specific knowledge, experience and expertise to assist the larger company without requiring them to hiring internal staff, especially on short term projects and assignments.

The company selected must have a clearly defined program that meets the client’s needs and that their leadership has the knowledge, experience and expertise to support the needs on a global scale and that they can demonstrate these capabilities through their global partnership.  This company should be able to demonstrate that they have a strategic plan to support and administer the project or program and that they have a process in place to verify and validate their capabilities.

Here are some key things to consider:

  • Company’s Leadership Team, experience, knowledge, and capabilities
  • Company’s Financial Capabilities to support the project or program
  • Company’s Internal Hiring, Training, and Certification Process
  • Company’s Strategic Business Partnership on a Global Scale
  • Company’s ability to complete the project on time and as agreed

There are a number of other factors to consider and keep in mind that even large, international consulting companies use smaller companies to support their clients.  Far too often individuals seek out large, well established companies as their service or solution provider and they are not always capable of supporting these projects so you should not rely solely on the name or size of the company but rather do research on them, such as client references and recommendations.

It is recommended that companies seeking specialized companies have a detailed outline of the project, timeline, expectations, and financial dependencies.  A well-thought-out strategy will allow for ease in the selection of the right company with the right capabilities and knowledge. In most cases with smaller companies, you have direct contact and interact with their senior leadership team who are in most cases directly engaged in the work activity.