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Time: 19:57 ~

Our clients have identified active shooter/active threat and its assessment as an issue they would like PRS to address in training. New for 2017, Dr, Michael Corcoran is partnering with Premier Risk Solutions (PRS) to deliver some exciting online training to help managers and executives deal with workplace threat issues that arise and how to assess them.

Every other month we will present a new. The program will kick off with a free, 30-minute overview webinar of the topics for that month, defining the issues and some ideas of how to deal with them.

Two weeks later, we’ll discuss an actual case we had involving one of these topics – what occurred, how we approached it and problems encountered.

Then we’ll ask for questions, comments and ideas to be emailed in about that type of case or problem – and all will be answered.

Two weeks later, Part 2 of the case review will have us going over the questions we received and exploring ways to resolve the issues.

Finally, two weeks after that, we’ll have an in-depth webinar to really explore the topic in more detail, to include other subject matter experts (SME’s) advice.

Hence, PRS will be part of this experience as additional SME’s and share their insights.

Stay tuned and keep an active eye on the Premier Risk Solutions Advance Training Center tab of our website for more details.