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In this week’s edition of our video series, we are introducing you to our newest consultant, Jeff Anspaugh. PRS is elated to have Jeff join us as he brings decades of experience in law enforcement, military service and corporate security!

If you really want to get to know Jeff, you can always ask our CEO, Mike! Jeff just happened to be Mike’s best man in his wedding!  I can tell you Jeff’s kind nature and positivity are infectious! Jeff also doesn’t shy away from talking about his faith. Something that has pulled him through the tough times and gives him that much more joy during the good times! Jeff also can’t talk enough about his love for his wonderful wife. Ideal weekend day? Hosting dinners, playing cards and hanging out in their neighborhood.

Jeff says his years as an officer provided so many life changing moments but his favorite was seeing others change. He describes the relief and happiness from watching someone turn their life around. Listen to the video for one story in particular! Be sure to continue to check out more blogs on our website.