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We love our people at Premier Risk Solutions. Our entire philosophy of doing business is based around understanding people and then forming and building on relationships. That includes our clients and our employees….so…..we have spent the last couple of weeks introducing you to our people. This time, it’s Bill Cooper. Bill is one of our expert security consultants, who also has a rich history in law enforcement and corporate security.

Bill has decades of experience, as a former police chief and previously heading up security at T-Mobile. Now Bill shares his knowledge, teaching around the country as well as consulting. While Bill has too much experience to list here, we want to give you an insight into who he is on a personal level.

Bill hails from Chicago, where believe it or not, his family had ties to famous gangster Al Capone. Obviously, Bill chose to go on the other side of the law:) He has two daughters and a wife he adores and talks about constantly. The thing with Bill is, he may be a tough guy to some but to those of us who have the privilege of getting to know him, we get to see the nice guy who has “never had a bad day in his whole life”.

Click on the video to hear more about Bill and be sure to check back every week for more videos!