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You may know what we do at PRS, but the core of who we are…..well that’s what videos like this are here for! In lieu of our normal video series topics, we are playing the get-to-know us game! This week it’s our resident “people doctor” Al Robinette. Al is a leader in the security industry, with decades of experience in security and loss prevention. What Al also brings to the table is his expertise in people. He is well on his way to getting his PHD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Al uses those skills to help PRS hire people that will be a good fit for our work culture!

It’s fascinating how you can talk to someone several times, you think you have a sense of who they are and then out of nowhere, a curve ball. Al shared part of his life in this series of Q & A that serves as a story of hope and gives a real life happy ending. Now a proud PHD candidate, he once was homeless with nowhere to go. Al got a second chance from his grandmother, got a job and vowed to never let his former life become the future.

Al is a proud Texan who loves his wife, learning and helping people. Click on the video below to hear more about Al, his family and how he can grill just about anything that’s put in front of him! Continue to check back with Premier Risk Solutions for more videos just like this one!