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Scot Walker is a private investigator and a veteran mentor. Walker helps former military and law enforcement transition into the private security sector. He says a new influx of those particular careers is coming and companies can invest in them and technology to stay relevant, hence build resilience.

We talked about how the differences in generations and the difference in interest in certain types of careers and what that means. He says the generation that will take over the workforce in the coming decade, is more technology driven and less service oriented. Meaning, there will be some that want to serve as police officers or members of the military, but not as many as in years past. He believes we also need to change the way we are defining change within police departments. Given the lack of necessary officers across the country, he suggests “reimagining” police departments instead of “defunding” them. Walker says we need people with a background of being resilient and he hopes to help brings some of those folks into all facets of corporate America, not just the security world. His motto is leave no one behind. He says that means companies have to invest in people and people have to invest in themselves.

We also talked about the importance of staying resilient during these times of crisis and change. Walker says, “We can plan for the invasion of Eastern Europe and we do plan for that in the military. What we are seeing in future war is what we are seeing today. Russian hackers getting into meat supply and oil companies. That is a training run, that’s practice. Our future war will always have a large cyber component and we need to be ready for what’s coming.”

The three takeaways Walker gave us: 1) Invest in People 2) Invest in Reforming Archaic Processes 3) Invest in technology but be smart about it. Don’t put yourself in a position of not being able to do business if that piece of equipment fails.

Walker offers much more knowledge and thoughts for both employers and employees. Check out the video below and be sure to visit for more videos.