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There has been a 42% increase in white powder incidents in mailrooms across the country. According to RaySecur’s Will Plummer, that includes drugs, powders that are meant to disrupt and cause shutdowns and powders that are designed to do harm to those opening the piece of mail. Plummer says mail is often thought of as just mail and not properly assessed as a risk.

In this week’s edition of video series, “Strong, Safe & True,” Plummer says with the pandemic, drug dealers switched distribution from the street corners to the mail, using small enough packages that don’t get screened. In turn, corporations that don’t have proper mailroom security have unknowingly become drug traffickers. Plummer says that is a direct result of companies allowing personal mail deliveries to work.

Plummer points out that mail is something we all get delivered to our homes or/and work everyday, so it’s normal and viewed as normal, not a potential threat but in fact, it is.  There are things Plummer says you can do to avoid having a costly shutdown, injury or PR nightmare on your hands.

  1. Turn your mail delivery into a logistical system, so you know exactly when and what is arriving
  2. Verify chain of custody
  3. Makes sure mail screeners all follow same steps and process
  4. Let screeners know what to look for
  5. Keep a list of potential threats from within, because they know the system and will have the best chance at having a successful delivery
  6. Consider purchasing scanning equipment

Watch the video for Plummer’s complete interview. Continue to come back to our website for more videos!