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ASIS International

Executive protection professionals are facing unprecedented challenges—downsizing, layoffs, and a general negative attitude toward senior executives at every level. Training continues to be essential, especially now when executive protection is being asked to do more with less. Whether top corporate executives, wealthy or famous families, dignitaries, diplomats, religious leaders, celebrities, politicians, or military leaders—they are counting on a professional to guide them through the inevitable risk-prone situation!

This comprehensive program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective personal protection and meet the needs of a full range of student interest, from entry-level to seasoned practitioners—planning, research, intelligence, networking, and the art of executive protection. Real case studies are used—ones that reinforce these techniques and teach best practices—with less emphasis on the GUN.

ASIS International

Immediate benefits of participation in this program include:

  • Learn executive protection’s underlying philosophies and the mindset that drives both the protection specialist and a professional protection program.
  • Understand what it takes to succeed in this highly specialized profession and how to prepare for an entry-level position.
  • Develop the benchmarks of a thorough advance survey.
  • Learn the critical significance of the choreography of protection.
  • Review real-world residential and workplace issues.
  • Examine transportation security issues—both domestic and international—and bullet-resistant vehicles.
  • Learn counter-surveillance techniques and their application to modern protection methods.

Premier Risk Solutions LLC President, Michael Delamere, has attended and successfully completed this certificate program in Executive Protection.