Behavioral Threat Assessments Are Essential to Your Business!

Aug 20, 2016 | Related Local Business

Behavioral threat assessment is an essential tool for reducing risk in places of employment. While the workplace is traditionally thought of as a place to go to focus on projects relative to one’s employment and interact with your peers for collaboration & innovation, there are external as well as internal threats that security & risk managers must deal with on a regular daily basis. Domestic violence seeps into the workplace often times creating an uncomfortable environment for the threatened individual and perhaps their colleagues, rendering an unproductive work environment for all. Workplace violence incidents have become fairly mainstream in recent years with semi-regular reminders in the news that those who wish to do us harm are out there and often times do present precursors to others who may not consider reporting odd or irregular behaviors to management.

Risk Management Helps Prevent Incidents

Whether it be domestic issues spilling into the workplace, or internal threats of employee on employer violence, both need to be taken very seriously. The Risk Management Team for the organization should review each event together to agree upon next steps towards resolution. These next steps may include the need for bringing in an outside consultant who is experienced in dealing with such behaviors on a regular basis. It could also include additional support services for surveillance on the person creating the threatening situation or perhaps protective agents to be put into place for the person being threatened; in select cases it may require both. However, every robust and holistic risk management program should have a Behavioral Psychologist who specializes in Workplace Incidents to have them conduct and facilitate the Behavioral Threat Assessment of the individual creating the problem in or for the workplace. The Behavioral Threat Assessment will help establish the baseline needs in the next steps in resolving the problem.

PRS Behavioral Threat Assessment Increases Security

Here at PRS, we offer a packed service with having Dr. Michael Corcoran on retainer with us to help provide you with peace of mind in the Behavioral Threat Assessment process. We believe in a “menu” approach to provide comfort and reduce fear. Depending upon the severity of each individual circumstance, PRS can further provide the surveillance operatives to monitor the activities of the person posing the threat to gain additional intelligence on the person’s whereabouts, activities, demeanor, etc and/or deploy our protective services agents to create a much more comfortable environment for the person(s) being threatened so you can sleep well at night. PRS management takes great strides in our execution of operations to ensure your organizational brand and integrity are represented in the most professional manner possible! Please contact us to find out how we can help you in this area.

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