5 Tech Takeaways ASIS International Seminar & Exhibits 2017

Sep 18, 2017 | Seminar & Exhibits

Top 5 Tech Takeaways from ASIS 2017

It is truly hard to believe that yet another annual ASIS International Seminar & Exhibits has just concluded. Dallas provided a convenient location to see, learn, and network. While my corporate security and vendor colleagues and I get a tad older each year, it was great to see the younger generation learning and working that exhibit floor.

I recall the days when the exhibits occupied a small room. Two or three companies produced the electronic security devices we knew and loved. Getting to all the exhibits was more than possible during our week at ASIS each year. As the number of companies and exhibit floor space grew, Roy Bordes, CPP helped us sort out which companies and technologies were worthy of our limited ASIS exhibit floor time. Roy is sorely missed by those of us that knew him.

While PRS has not been paid a fee, and does not specifically endorse any of the products discussed, we thought it would be fun to put forth our list of top security tech for 2017. It is not a detailed technology review and as with all technology, you really need to assess your needs case for applicability.

This year I identified and visited 17 exhibits in between our client and vendor meetings. Here is my Top 5 List of interesting products for 2017…

# 5 – Facial Recognition – Blue Line Technology / www.bluelinetechnology.com

These former law enforcement officers have taken a technology that has been around for some time and has often presented challenges and have tamed the beast to a degree. It really depends on the application, but Blue Line’s product deployment can be intimidating for an illegitimate user of a space. While the system can tackle one-to-many scans, we all know that the size of such databases makes a search slow as a snail. Blue Line’s true processing power shines with a dedicated door or portal application. The system integrated with a number of existing products.

A camera and credential reader greets the user. A fraudster with invalid credentials will not want to come here. I can see this very effective for a convenience store, high-end jewelry store and related retail. Of course, no credential is presented in this scenario, but a thug with a hoodie or face mask is not going to gain entry. In corporate environments, vulnerable IT rooms, C Suite offices, and other sensitive areas would be served well by Blue Line Technology. Two-factor authentication that moved the security beyond a card. Too many good features to list here. They plug and play with a wide variety of existing security systems.

# 4 – Video Surveillance Cybersecurity – Razberi Technologies / www.razberi.net

Who is watching your video surveillance systems besides your GSOC operators? Will your corporate video system be used to launch the next wave of global Bot Net attacks? Razberi’s solution is an appliance that plays well with many of the popular video systems currently on the market, such as Genetec, Verint, Milestone and others. The company will be expanding their offerings to include additional add-on units to protect any size camera network.

The appliance monitors and provides MAC addresses/Device Bonding, firewall, whitelist, unusual internet traffic, poor passwords and more. Like any appliance, Razberi updates firmware easily and efficiently to protect against the latest threats. Any corporation with video surveillance systems from small to large needs to consider this extra level of protection.

# 3 – Security Reporting and Analytics – Omnigo Software / www.omnigo.com

Report Exec has been around for many years, providing security incident reporting and analysis, dispatch, alerts, asset tracking and more to the corporate security world. Omnigo has provided similar software to government and law enforcement. Recently, acquired the product known as Report Exec and is refining and enhancing their product offerings. A new enhancement centers around the alert portion of the tool and the refinement of GPS data. Keep an eye on Omnigo as this company re-examines their government, public safety and corporate security offerings.

# 2 – Meeting Speech Security – Intelligent Devices / www.speechmasking.com

For years, governments and the intelligence community have used a variety of techniques to protect sensitive discussions and meetings. Some may be familiar with Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) and more. Now, Intelligent Devices has taken this concept and created a range of products that are available to corporations. I can see applications related to highly sensitive Board of Director’s meeting prior to a public company’s Annual Meeting and such.

The company screens clients and does not sell to everyone. In fairness to them and national security, I will say the systems use speech masking and some other techniques, to protect conversations and computer/data traffic from eavesdropping. Very interesting tech and another company to watch.

# 1 – Actionable Corporate Security Intelligence – LifeRaft, Inc. / www.liferaftinc.com

We are all very familiar with companies monitoring Twitter and other social media to track discussions regarding your company or event. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is nothing new. However, over the past month or so PRS has been researching a product that offers something more. Our journey culminated at ASIS 2017 at the LifeRaft exhibit. This exciting product twist comes from a community by the sea that we don’t equate tech to – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Tracking people, assets, accessing intelligence not just from social media, but the dark web and elsewhere, LifeRaft develops an impressive collage of data. The data is presented in such a way that a GSOC or analyst can take it and do something with it. Many, many cases use for this product and great people to do business with. From executive protection to fraud prevention, Navigator from LifeRaft is worth checking out.

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