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Following the protective services offerings PRS has been engaged in with our clients since the company began in early 2014, we began in late Q3 2021 exploring how we can further enhance our service offerings to our clients in the areas of:

  • Medic Training & Personnel

We are proud to announce that we are operational in each of these areas! Our partnership with NSSG Global allows for our dedicated services in Protective Intelligence and Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) to support our ongoing and new prospective clients for their protective operations.

In Protective Intelligence, a high-level snapshot of capabilities include:

  • Flexible and Agile to Scale to your needs
  • 24/7 Dedicated Analysts
  • Custom, tailored research, analysis, and reporting of threats to staff and properties
  • Guide executive protection team members and client personnel in planning, protecting and responding to operations

In Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) support services, a high-level snapshot of capabilities include:

  • Flexible and Agile to Scale to your needs
  • 24/7 Dedicated, Highly Trained Operators
  • Command, Control & Communication Flow
  • GPS Tracking Capabilities
  • Integrated Network Video, Access Control & Alarm System Monitoring
  • Multi-Linguistic Capabilities

The Protective Intelligence Analysts and Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) personnel are all co-located out of Bucharest, Romania in a secure location with the latest available high-speed broadband and network abilities. Being co-located allows for as near “real-time” information flow to PRS support operations and our clients. The personnel at the center are adaptable to tools preferred or required by our clients, which depending on the tool may require additional license fees beyond our standard package offerings.

Our Medic personnel is resourced from our local healthcare partners in the market of need throughout the U.S. They can either be full-time, dedicated staff members to a client or temporary needs for specific events or activities like board meetings or larger special events like a sales kickoff or tradeshow. The medic training packages offered include:

  • Short 1-4 hour refresher/tac-med skills driven
  • One Day, up to 12 students with 2 instructors, skills & scenario based training outside (class is POST, DHS & EMSA approved)
  • Two Day, up to 12 students with 2 instructors, Tactical Medical Operator (TMO) training (class is POST, DHS & EMSA approved)
  • Five Day, up to 20 students with 2 instructors and 4 skill/proctor instructors, Tactical Medical Technician (TMT) training (some medical training pre-requisites; class is NAEMT, POST and EMSA approved), with TECC certification included
  • Program Development Consulting: Advising on best practices for medical preparedness, preventions, early interventions, gear selection, travel medicine programs, and emergency medical response.

The medic training can be delivered to our client in-house and/or contingent staff (vendors), along with providing to our own team members.

With the combination of these offerings in addition to the pre-existing offerings of Executive Protection, Threat/Vulnerability/Risk Assessment, Program Development Consulting, Behavioral Threat Assessment, Special Event Security, and Investigative Services we have a holistic package of services available to support our clients and team members.

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