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If you use WiFi, most likely you are vulnerable to KRACK. Cyber Security exerts have found a major vulnerability with the most common security protocol used by those setting up WiFi networks at homes, cafes and more – WPA-2.

Key Reinstallation AttaCK (KRACK) allows hackers to steal and possibly disrupt your data flows. They not only can steal your sensitive data, but they can also inject ransomware or destructive code.

While updating your router’s firmware and ensuring all of your applications are updated on all devices will help, you need to think seriously beyond that.

Examine tools that offer two-factor authentication for email programs, data communications and more. At PRS we don’t utilize public WiFi for sending sensitive data. We prefer encrypted 4G JetPacks that offer much more protection than common public WiFi . The pack uses complex passwords and will also alert you to how many devices are connected to the JetPack and show all connected devices in real time. What are you doing to protect yourself from this latest vulnerability?

Here is some additional reading and fixes: