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An organizational leader with over 36 years of law enforcement, security, and emergency management/business continuity experience, Rich co-authored the ‘Menu Approach’ to threat assessment. Potential victims choose response strategies specifically tailored for them, resulting in enhanced safety and a sense of empowerment. Author of numerous training articles related to human threat assessment and healthcare security, Rich also developed the ‘The First 15 Minutes’ approach to healthcare emergency management. This approach enables anyone, regardless of experience, knowledge, or background, to set up an incident command post in a clinical environment within 15 minutes to meet the service needs of an unfolding event. He also co-developed the Block, Talk & Walk self-defense program specifically designed to enhance clinician and patient safety.

Rich’s experience includes serving as Incident Commander for visiting dignitaries including a United States President, Vice-President, and other heads of state. He co-developed a human behavioral threat assessment program for a large university and instituted a proactive threat assessment protocol in a healthcare environment. Rich is highly trained and experienced in Human and Facility Threat Assessment, Conflict Resolution, Emergency Preparedness, Policy, Investigations, Leadership/Management, Emergency Management, and Security Strategies.




Over the past five-years, Rich has provided in excess of 200 training presentations on threat assessment, active shooter defense, gang awareness, emergency management, conflict resolution, and leadership. His recent experience with the complexities of threat assessment involves two high-profile case studies. The first involved a physician’s conduct which resulted in the introduction of organizational safety strategies including a restraining order and eventual prosecution for violations of the law. The second case involved over 600 threats received by a world-renowned artist. Rich can speak from real experiences on the needs for a robust threat assessment program and implementation strategies.

A retired Police Captain and previous Public Safety Director and Emergency Manager for two hospitals in California, and for John H. Stroger Hospital in Chicago, Rich is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, West Point Leadership Program, Command College, Gavin De Becker, WAVER-21 threat assessment programs, and San Jose State University.

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