How to Operate Ethically in Private Security

Let’s start by advising that this is intended to be a high level overview and not a state-by-state or metropolitan jurisdictional driven breakdown.  However, if you are looking for such a thing, this is as decent a resource as one will find out on the net for information for a consolidated breakdown. Although we recommend going directly to the governmental entity in each respective state to illicit information directly from them as laws & statutes can change from year-to-year.

As a 2010 US Department of Justice funded research report points out, private security is an essential element of protecting persons as well as intellectual & physical property of business’ today. … Read More

Food Defense Plans, Do You Have Yours?

As part of the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Rule – Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration, you may be required to have a Food Defense Plan in place, are you prepared?  There are very specific sections that must be included in your plan and the plan should be developed both from a corporate level as well as at each facility.  It is important that not only do you develop a Food Defense Plan but that it is reviewed and revised on at least an annual basis.  Some key sections that must be included in your plan are Product Recall, Physical Security, IT Security, Emergency Contact Information and Facility Layouts.… Read More

FSMA Compliance Date Changes – Does It Impact You?

On 8/23/16, the Food & Drug Administration announced changes to their timelines and compliance dates for the Food Safety Modernization Act.  We encourage each company to visit the FDA’s website to determine if you are impacted by these changes.  PRS can assist you and your company with the review and assessment of your Food Defense Program, develop your program and provide approved training.

The FDA has already begun with the issuance of it’s guidance tools that will assist the end users of the Act and supporting Rules.

 … Read More