Whether your business is global or local, at some point real-time security information and operations will be vital to the continuity of your business. Some larger companies have created a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) that may also include regional centers. Other firms create a Security Operations Center (SOC) that helps manage security and resources within a single state or region. For this article we will use the term SOC for simplicity, as not all companies are global in footprint.

This article will provide some insight into some of the considerations our clients have wrestled with, the GSOC/SOC benefits they seek, and some steps we use to design a SOC.… Read More

PRS Launches New Secure Case & Project Management Portal

On May 15, 2017, Premier Risk Solutions made a significant investment in custom technology that will bring our service to a new level. Our technology partner PODIO supplies a secure (financial institution grade encrypted) SaaS solution for all of our case/project management, tracking, contract signing and execution, event security, customer relationship management and more.

Over the next little while, Podio will be helping PRS to create a custom portal that will greatly automate our case and project processes, in a secure environment. From the client perspective, by engaging PRS for your important projects, you will realize the following:

  • Instant encrypted portal access through the PRS website Client Portal into a PRS case/project area.
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4 Tips to Launch Your Business Continuity and Resumption Planning

Business Continuity and Resumption becomes more important to businesses when something goes wrong. The panic sets in, the rush to make things right and then the finger-pointing aftermath. Many companies take the gamble because business continuity and resumption seems like such a daunting task and who really has time for all that?  Well, here are four steps to motivate you to get cracking on your Business Continuity and Resumption Planning (BCRP).

One of the great places to start your BCRP process is to conduct an All Hazards Risk Assessment. A good all hazards assessment will short-list what your company (per location) will need to address in your planning.… Read More