How to Elevate Your Workplace Violence Prevention Program: Going Beyond the Resume!

This webinar will examine how the workforce continues to evolve with the advancement of technology and sociocultural evolution tools available today.

WPV programPresenters on this panel include:

Michael Delamere, President | Premier Risk Solutions LLC
Jeffrey Harp, Head of Security | San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 
Al Robinette, President | Career Path Consulting & Development 

Listeners will gain a better understanding of approaches and philosophies to increase engagement of personnel working in or assigned within your team in corporate security programs of all vertical markets.

To listen to the full session, please visit the Security Industry Association who hosted our event!… Read More

PRS Radio Show #13 – Innovative Talent Selection

Time: 28:24

Premier Risk Solutions LLC (PRS) has created a new, fresh approach towards the Executive Protection industry. After listening to a group of cross representation of select end-users and subject matter experts, we have listened to the current and future opportunities that they have identified, gaps in the marketplace when considering the qualities of an individual agent(s) on Executive Protection assignments, and what the industry is already doing at a high level.

This dialogue and research has lead us to partner with Career Path Consulting & Development to charter into People Science utilizing Science of Self™ to create a Personalized Culture Fit™ program in Executive Protection, Secure Transportation, Workplace Violence Specialist, Special Event Management and Security Consultant roles.… Read More

PRS Radio Show #12 – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Time: 15:25

Mark Kominek, Senior Consultant and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Expert for PRS and former FBI Agent discusses  the current state of technical espionage devices being used against corporate America and what can be done to guard the C-Suite at the office and at home.

If your organization would like to confidentially discuss any potential concerns you may have, please email us at [email protected]  or call us at 206-735-4956.

**We recommend you make such calls from outside the area of concern. Do not use any mobile or hard-wired telephony or other equipment you feel may be compromised.

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PRS Radio – Show #11 – Intelligence Analysis

Time: 14:33

Scott Schlimmer, Senior Consultant for PRS and former CIA Officer introduces an exciting new intelligence analysis course designed for security professionals. Bringing global events of importance to the C-Suite is often very difficult in our 24/7/365 new cycles. The course is designed to funnel global events through a filter, in order to turn the information into actionable intelligence that will command the attention of corporate executives.

Email PRS with your interest in this training: [email protected] Let us know your organization’s name, preferred US training city (or if you prefer web-based training) and the number of people you have interested in attending the program.… Read More

PRS Radio – Show #10 – Risk Assessment ~ The Goals, Importance, and Methodology of Assessing Risk

Time: 44 Minutes ~

The risk assessment process can be convoluted and tricky if you’re unprepared for all aspects of a thorough process.

This session will highlight the aspects of a thorough risk assessment and give a couple of real world examples and one formal case study to help bring the process to light.

Novices will learn a great deal and experienced operators will gain a refresher on this very important subject matter.

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PRS Radio – Show #9 – Clash of the Generations

Time: 71 Minutes ~

With employees spanning four or five decades in the office, it’s gotten way harder to manage the workforce. This highly engaging and interactive session discusses the leadership styles and management practices needed to overcome the wildly different ideas each generation has about work ethic, work-life balance, and long-term career goals, among many issues.


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PRS Radio – Show #8 – Dr. Michael Cocoran

Time: 19:57 ~

Our clients have identified active shooter/active threat and its assessment as an issue they would like PRS to address in training. New for 2017, Dr, Michael Corcoran is partnering with Premier Risk Solutions (PRS) to deliver some exciting online training to help managers and executives deal with workplace threat issues that arise and how to assess them.

Every other month we will present a new. The program will kick off with a free, 30-minute overview webinar of the topics for that month, defining the issues and some ideas of how to deal with them.

Two weeks later, we’ll discuss an actual case we had involving one of these topics – what occurred, how we approached it and problems encountered.… Read More

PRS Radio – Show #7 – Business Integrity

Time: 23:57 ~

The mainstream media is continually reporting on IT security vulnerabilities, Russian, Chinese and other apparent state-sponsored hacking and the potential for Alexa to spy on you, something appears to be missing in this conversation.

The elephant in the room for many CSOs we have been talking to and the thing that keeps them up at night is an equally, if not more fatal threat. While cyber security is a very valid concern, there is a movement afoot in the US and indeed global marketplace to steal wholesale parts of your business enterprise.

Learn where these threats come from and who the players are behind it.… Read More

PRS Radio – Show #6 – Security Force Audit

Time: 22:44 ~

Are you getting the most from your in-house or contract security provider? Unless you audit them, how will you know? Running occasional audits of security officer resources is a good way to keep personnel on their toes and vendors serving your needs. In this 30-minute webinar designed for busy executives like you, PRS will present a simple checklist framework for you to conduct your own Security Force Audit.

Learn the tips and tricks of performing a proper audit and gather data. If you are planning an RFP process, this audit program will be that much more valuable to you.… Read More

PRS Radio – Show #5 – The Kidnapping Threat in Mexico

Time: 47:18 ~

For the last decade Mexico has been the country in which more people have been abducted for kidnap for ransom purposes.

Different criminal groups have dabbled into this criminal phenomenon because there is a perception of low risk and high reward. Motivations are drawn by money.

There are no political or religious incentives — this a crime that is purely for greed and avarice.

Viewers will…

  • Understand how kidnapping has evolved in Mexico
  • See worldwide statistics as well as local ones
  • Learn how this crime operates
  • Understand the first steps that should be taken in case of a crisis

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