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It looks like some Americans will have the chance to take a vacation to Europe this summer, but what does that really look like? There are some concerns from security experts, as they will try to keep both their own citizens safe, as well as tourists.

In this week’s edition of our video series, “Strong, Safe & True” we sat down with Stuart Nash, owner of Alchemy Global, a security company in the U.K.. Nash says tourist sites won’t quite look the same this summer. There won’t be as much milling around. Tourists will need to expect to plan everything well in advance and continue to be aware of the space around them. It will most likely be groups at certain times allowed at famous sites and there will be security in most places to help enforce the rules.

Nash added, that if all restrictions aren’t lifted, not all venues will be open. For some businesses, it makes sense to stay closed with no operating costs and government subsidies than to open at partial capacity.

We specifically talked about how security will look this summer as well, hear what Nash had to say. Remember to keep checking our blog section of our website as we will continue to post new videos.