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SCAM WARNING: A supposed IRS agent named “James Flores” with a Russian accent called me from (917) 300-3104 to let me know that if I didn’t wire them $5,000 within one hour, officers would arrive at my house and arrest me.

We had a great conversation re the IRS not soliciting money by phone or e-mail, the FTC, FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation, FCC, and how many folks I recommend they send prior to his screaming at me and hanging up.

He later called back from (609) 858-6398 and said his name was Tony Beck. Same guy… different state and phone number. I waited a few minutes before calling him “James” and asking him to spell his name. Sure enough J-A-M-E-S… but wait, I thought you were Tony this time? CLICK…
Useful information regarding IRS scams hitting our state in force right now:

To be clear… the IRS will never EVER solicit money by phone.
Oh, and don’t forget to report the attempt to the U.S. Department of the Treasury here:

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