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On May 15, 2017, Premier Risk Solutions made a significant investment in custom technology that will bring our service to a new level. Our technology partner PODIO supplies a secure (financial institution grade encrypted) SaaS solution for all of our case/project management, tracking, contract signing and execution, event security, customer relationship management and more.

Over the next little while, Podio will be helping PRS to create a custom portal that will greatly automate our case and project processes, in a secure environment. From the client perspective, by engaging PRS for your important projects, you will realize the following:

  • Instant encrypted portal access through the PRS website Client Portal into a PRS case/project area.
  • All project documents and details will be uploaded by your team into our Client Portal and remain secure.
  • Any project documents we post to the portal will result in a notification to your team, with secure access.
  • We will be building out a Project Dashboard that will allow your team to instantly and graphically see where each site assessment is in the process. These will likely be graphic color-coded clocks with the percentage of completion for your multi-site business.
  • The entire secure portal will allow your team to communicate with PRS on all project-related matters from start to finish, along with a full audit trail that we will have for each and every project document and message. No more email attachments and security concerns associated with it!

Using our computers, tablets, and other mobile devices, our Mobile PM APP will secure all photos and documents within the App. The real-time dashboard will provide your team with complete insight into the status of each project, and the ability for us to highlight, report and notify your team of any urgent needs that may require immediate attention and remediation.

Our clients will realize a custom case or project process based on your requirements, with the power of the PRS Client Portal to graphically see case/project progress, documents, and all related communications. At PRS, collaboration is king and the key to success.