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The title of this blog….how does kindness fit into the security sector? Surprisingly, quite well according to the founders of The Kindness Games! In this week’s editions of our series, “Strong, Safe & True,” we sat down with Tim Wenzel, Lee Oughton, Kelsey Carnell, and Kehkashan Dadwani to talk about the initiative that is bringing joy throughout our industry.

The Kindness Games concept is simple, be kind, and highlight people who are great examples. The goal is to post a video message dedicated to someone who has displayed kindness or influenced a person’s life in a positive way. It’s supposed to be 30 posts in 30 days, but the time frame is loose. This kindness drive is flipping the normal perception of a security professional, i.e. tough, no emotion, no vulnerability. It’s gaining traction and attention, to the point is is now expanding into other industries.

It all started with a post Lee did giving a colleague a shout out. Tim saw the post and thought about how that must have made the person feel and reached out to Lee. They collectively decided to do that every day and brand it. Kelsey and Kehkashan jumped on board and this group has made it happen! Check out the video to hear more and by the way, all are welcome to participate. There is no invitation required, you don’t need to receive a shout-out, just reach out!

PRS loves this concept and our company has always highlighted the importance of kindness and empathy. Check out our hour-long panel discussion centered on the power of empathy. Be sure to continue to check out our website for more videos like the one below!