Whether your business is global or local, at some point real-time security information and operations will be vital to the continuity of your business. Some larger companies have created a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) that may also include regional centers. Other firms create a Security Operations Center (SOC) that helps manage security and resources within a single state or region. For this article we will use the term SOC for simplicity, as not all companies are global in footprint.

This article will provide some insight into some of the considerations our clients have wrestled with, the GSOC/SOC benefits they seek, and some steps we use to design a SOC.… Read More

FSMA Intentional Adulteration Final Rule – US FDA Mitigation Strategies Update

This week afforded us another excellent installment of the webinar series with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) experts. A further discuss of the Intentional Adulteration (IA) Rule was very informative. The focus of this call was Mitigation Strategies.

I thought I would highlight some important take-aways that I made note of and that may assist my Food Defense colleagues out there who missed this call.

  1. The FDA outlined several Key Terms with very specific meanings in the IA world worth noting:
    1. Vulnerability – The susceptibility of a point, step or procedure in a facility’s food process to IA.
    2. Significant Vulnerability (SV) – A vulnerability that, if exploited, could reasonably be expected to cause wide scale public health harm.
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Are You Impacted By KRACK?

If you use WiFi, most likely you are vulnerable to KRACK. Cyber Security exerts have found a major vulnerability with the most common security protocol used by those setting up WiFi networks at homes, cafes and more – WPA-2.

Key Reinstallation AttaCK (KRACK) allows hackers to steal and possibly disrupt your data flows. They not only can steal your sensitive data, but they can also inject ransomware or destructive code.

While updating your router’s firmware and ensuring all of your applications are updated on all devices will help, you need to think seriously beyond that.

Examine tools that offer two-factor authentication for email programs, data communications and more.… Read More

Workplace Violence – Are Your Canadian Operations Complying with the Law?

As many of our clients are discovering, offices and a host of other workplaces in the Province of Ontario, Canada are presenting them with new legal obligations to protect their employees from Workplace Violence and Harassment. The Ontario Ministry of Labour Health and Safety inspectors enforce the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This Act is to facilitate a strong Internal Responsibility System (IRS) in your workplace.

Most immediately, companies with operations in Ontario, Canada need to be aware of these requirements:

  1. An employer MUST assess the risk of workplace violence and present a full plan to the joint health and safety committee or to a health and safety representative [OHSA s.
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5 Tech Takeaways ASIS International Seminar & Exhibits 2017

Top 5 Tech Takeaways from ASIS 2017

It is truly hard to believe that yet another annual ASIS International Seminar & Exhibits has just concluded. Dallas provided a convenient location to see, learn, and network. While my corporate security and vendor colleagues and I get a tad older each year, it was great to see the younger generation learning and working that exhibit floor.

I recall the days when the exhibits occupied a small room. Two or three companies produced the electronic security devices we knew and loved. Getting to all the exhibits was more than possible during our week at ASIS each year.… Read More

Protecting Food Against Intentional Adulteration



The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Final Rule provides us with guidance and law related to protecting food from intentional acts of contamination. To prevent an act of intentional adulteration (IA) that could cause harm to the public on a large scale, the FDA is implementing risk-reducing strategies to combat IA, as detailed in a recently required Food Defense Plan.

Strategies to build this plan include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Mitigation Strategies
    • Monitoring
    • Corrective Actions
    • Verification
  • Training and Record keeping


The Vulnerability Assessment is the major starting step in the process.… Read More

PRS Launches New Secure Case & Project Management Portal

On May 15, 2017, Premier Risk Solutions made a significant investment in custom technology that will bring our service to a new level. Our technology partner PODIO supplies a secure (financial institution grade encrypted) SaaS solution for all of our case/project management, tracking, contract signing and execution, event security, customer relationship management and more.

Over the next little while, Podio will be helping PRS to create a custom portal that will greatly automate our case and project processes, in a secure environment. From the client perspective, by engaging PRS for your important projects, you will realize the following:

  • Instant encrypted portal access through the PRS website Client Portal into a PRS case/project area.
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PRS Radio Show #12 – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Time: 15:25

Mark Kominek, Senior Consultant and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Expert for PRS and former FBI Agent discusses  the current state of technical espionage devices being used against corporate America and what can be done to guard the C-Suite at the office and at home.

If your organization would like to confidentially discuss any potential concerns you may have, please email us at [email protected]  or call us at 206-735-4956.

**We recommend you make such calls from outside the area of concern. Do not use any mobile or hard-wired telephony or other equipment you feel may be compromised.

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PRS Radio – Show #11 – Intelligence Analysis

Time: 14:33

Scott Schlimmer, Senior Consultant for PRS and former CIA Officer introduces an exciting new intelligence analysis course designed for security professionals. Bringing global events of importance to the C-Suite is often very difficult in our 24/7/365 new cycles. The course is designed to funnel global events through a filter, in order to turn the information into actionable intelligence that will command the attention of corporate executives.

Email PRS with your interest in this training: [email protected] Let us know your organization’s name, preferred US training city (or if you prefer web-based training) and the number of people you have interested in attending the program.… Read More

PRS Radio – Show #8 – Dr. Michael Cocoran

Time: 19:57 ~

Our clients have identified active shooter/active threat and its assessment as an issue they would like PRS to address in training. New for 2017, Dr, Michael Corcoran is partnering with Premier Risk Solutions (PRS) to deliver some exciting online training to help managers and executives deal with workplace threat issues that arise and how to assess them.

Every other month we will present a new. The program will kick off with a free, 30-minute overview webinar of the topics for that month, defining the issues and some ideas of how to deal with them.

Two weeks later, we’ll discuss an actual case we had involving one of these topics – what occurred, how we approached it and problems encountered.… Read More