Understanding the Value of a Critical Incident Response Team in Seattle

critical incident response seattleCommercial establishments should always be prepared for a critical incident. You don’t ever want to adopt an “It can never happen to me” attitude, not when potentially hundreds of lives are at risk. A critical incident response team (CIRT) can execute emergency initiatives in a dire scenario.

CIRTs Are a Niche Service

Basic security personnel are trained to protect lives and property. However, CIRTs and executive security details are specifically trained to deal with situations involving life and death. This includes terrorism and active shooter scenarios. The team is actively trained for these incidents, as opposed to just undergoing an annual training or refresher course.

CIRTs Have a Plan

Being trained in handling a firearm doesn’t make security personnel ready to take on a real-life critical incident. CIRTs have a plan in place and also consult your establishment’s staff on how to respond. Response plans are comprehensive and include factors like choke point evaluations and boosting communication by eliminating department silos.

CIRTs Are Highly Trained

Members of a CIRT consist of the most highly qualified individuals, many with a background in military and law enforcement. There’s a stringent recruitment process with the recruiting delegated to a specialized internal HR team. Members are trained in critical response tactics and can recite SOPs (standard operating procedures) by memory.

CIRTs Are Part of Your Company Culture

CIRTs have an established SOP, but they also tailor it to your company, specific risks and facility layout. The plan is customized to fit your organization’s culture. As such, members can adhere to your uniform standards and may even possess skills pertinent to your industry.

Does Your Seattle Business Have a Critical Incident Response Plan?

How prepared is your institution if the unthinkable happens?  Protect your staff and customers’ lives by having an established plan. Contact Premier Risk Solutions to set up a critical incident response plan complete with a CIRT on company premises.

Critical Incident Response Planning in Seattle

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