Mental Health Security for Employees

Right now, like many employees out there, we are working from home. While it may seem like being at home is about the safest spot possible, that’s not necessarily true. We sat down with our friend and PRS consultant, Dr. Michael Corcoran. He is a behavioral psychologist and has many years of experience in dealing with volatile situations.

In our series, “Strong, Safe & True”, we are looking to arm companies and leaders with the knowledge of how to identify a potential problem and what to do about it.  It has never been more important as we are all facing new realities and environments forced on us by Covid-19. We have seen statistics about increases in both mental health issues and domestic violence during the pandemic. That can exponentially affect employees working from home. In this video session, we talk about the warning signs employers should be looking for. The goal is to help support employees so there isn’t a potential security threat.

Dr. Corcoran says there are a few tell-tale signs with employees. They include, low self-esteem, changes in behavior, takes job too seriously and has few outside interests and hobbies.  Click on the 12 minute video below to learn more details!


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