Being Proactive instead of Reactive in the Workplace

Social media is everywhere and its effects are profound. That includes effects inside a workforce among employees. In this week’s edition of “Strong, Safe & True” we spoke with behavioral psychologist, Dr. Michael Corcoran on the importance of employers being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to posts.

Surprisingly, social media and security go hand in hand. In a world where people post on a daily basis, sometimes with controversial content, tension can mount. This is true, whether it’s employee to employee having a difference of opinion on social media, or if it’s someone from the outside of the company. Social media presents an opportunity for bullying and harassment, whether the employee is at home or in an office space. It is paramount that an employer gives attention to any concerns and promptly reacts.

For the entire discussion, check out the video and stay tuned for more sessions with security experts!

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